Practical ways to profit in ever changing markets

According to Business Insider Australia there are approximately 1.8 million conventions, conferences and trade shows in the USA every year.

And it seems these days you can find a conference to suit almost any interest, for example:

MerCon – A gathering of people who like to dress up like mermaids, chill poolside and they even host a mermaid beauty pageant,

BronyCon – Dedicated to the cartoon My Little Pony, where people (a large portion of which are males between 18-35) dress up as their favourite characters from the show,

Fur Con – For people who like to dress as non-human characters with human characteristics.

No matter what the topic or interest, conferences are a great way for like-minded people to meet, discuss and learn.

As traders, we’re lucky to have a number of conferences to choose from during the year, and one that I’m really looking forward to in the next few months is the ATAA 2018 conference “Practical ways to profit in ever changing markets”, being held right here in Melbourne.

They have an awesome line up of guests, check out some of the highlights:

  • 14 sessions across 3 full days featuring 11 industry-leading trading specialists from Australia and the US (including a Market Wizard!),
  • Learn practical trading ideas to take away and enhance your own bottom line,
  • Network with fellow independent traders and make connections that will help you get to where you want to be,
  • Uncover fresh trading strategies allowing you to profit through all market phases,
  • Attend the Gala Dinner and relax with speakers and fellow guests,
  • Discounted accommodation options.

Full conference details can be found here.

This is a great chance to invest in yourself and take your trading to the next level – no mermaid suit required!

See you at the conference (the trading one, not the other ones…)


PS. The Early Bird rates are about to end, so get in quick if you want to pick up the special Early Bird price. More details here.


26 February 2018

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