052 – An ‘unfair trading advantage’ with Tomas Nesnidal

Traders are always looking for an edge and today’s guest shares a simple approach he calls an ‘unfair trading advantage’, that can have a dramatic impact on trading strategy performance.

The guest on this episode has been on the show before, to discuss breakout trading strategies back in Episode 43. In that episde we discussed the steps to building breakout strategies and we even released a breakout strategy toolkit, included an ebook, cheatsheet and EasyLanguage code for 2 breakout trading strategies.

In this episode, our guest Tomas Nesnidal will be sharing a different trading approach, and it’s something he likes to call ‘an unfair trading advantage’.

He’s going to explain to us what it is and why he calls it an ‘unfair advantage.’ It’s something that a lot of traders have probably heard about but perhaps are not aware of how to use it properly or even the positive impact it can have on trading results.

Tomas will explain it in this chat so take a listen!

Topics discussed

  • An ‘unfair trading advantage’ all traders should consider for their own trading strategies
  • The technique that most traders have probably heard about but don’t know how to use properly
  • The incredible impacts this technique can have on trading performance

Resources mentioned in this episode

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