136 – Anticipating market action and “pain points” with John Carter

A few weeks ago we organised a family holiday for December.

We booked a luxury villa in Port Douglas and we’re all really excited to get there and start enjoying the holiday.

Last year the Huffington Post published an article about vacations, and shared a study in a journal claiming that just planning or anticipating your trip can make you happier than actually taking it.

I’m not sure if anticipating a holiday is more fun than actually taking it (I guess that depends on whether you have to take your kids or not…), but there is definitely value in anticipation, which ties in quite nicely with this podcast episode.

Our guest today is John Carter, and John is going to share with us the value of anticipation in trading, and how anticipating market action and the “pain points” of other market participants can give us an edge in trading.

Some of the topics you’ll hear are:

  • How anticipating the actions and pain points of other market participants can give you an edge,
  • A simple but powerful mental switch that can crush the fear of executing trades,
  • The subtle clues that TICK and volume data give to indicate if a trend or range bound day could be more likely,
  • How to identify potential false breakouts and how ‘stop runs’ can actually improve your trading results.


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