063 – Market Regimes with Alan Clement

Most trading strategies have an optimal type of market condition where they work at their absolute best, so having an understanding of market conditions and being able to detect and adapt to them can really have a huge impact on trading performance.

But how can we measure market regimes properly?

What techniques can we use to find that delicate balance between stability and reactivity so that it improves performance rather than reduces it?

Our guest for this episode, Alan Clement, has completed considerable research into market regimes and is going to share his knowledge with us today!

Alan is a Certified Financial Technician, full time independent trader, quantitative trading systems designer and private investment consultant.

In our chat today, you will learn:

  • Market regimes – what they are and how they can impact the performance of your trading strategies
  • The different types of Market Regimes and key aspects to consider when defining them
  • Indicators, market breadth and intermarket measures – which ones are the best for detecting market regimes?

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