119 – Fear, Hope and Greed

Fear, Hope and Greed are 3 dangers that traders of all levels need to watch out for.

They can have sometimes have a dramatic impact on our trading results, and even cause traders to quit trading or to blow up their accounts.

And even if you think you’ve got them covered things can change pretty quickly, and even seasoned pros that are often as cool as ice can turn into a quivering mess in the corner!

OK, that was a little dramatic, but it can happen and I’m sure you get the point that at times traders of all levels can become susceptible to the dangers of Fear, Hope and Greed.

So how can we manage them so that it doesn’t impact our trading?

In this weeks ‘Thursday Trading Thought’ Brent Penfold is going to share some practical tips on how to overcome these 3 dangers, so let head on over to our chat with Brent to see what he has to share.

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