167 – Improve trading performance by being a flexible trader – Steve Ward

High-performance trading coach Steve Ward from TradeAtYourBest.com discusses:

  • How to find the best opportunities during challenging times,
  • Why shifting perspective is such a critical skill for high-performance,
  • How to overcome internal resistance to become more adaptable,
  • “Learning vs Earning” and how to improve your chances of longevity in trading,
  • How to integrate being flexible with the “follow the system” approach of algo/systematic trading to be better prepared for whatever the market may hold,
  • Key actions traders should be doing right now to prepare for an unknown future in the markets,
  • Plus, many more practical tips to improve trading performance.

And if you want even more practical tips on high-performance trading, you should check this one out:

For the first time ever, Steve is running the 6-week “Trade At Your Best Trading Psychology Course” to teach private traders the mindset and mental skills required to succeed in the markets, and close the gap between potential and actual returns.

He usually only works with institutional clients, so if you want to see what knowledge, insights, and techniques Steve reveals to his Insto clients behind closed doors, this could be your only chance. (Have to admit I’m intrigued too…)

The program starts next week, you can find more details about the program here.

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