Can Algo Trading Beat the Market?

    Investing in an index like the S&P 500 may seem like a safe bet, but it can often bring about huge drawdowns for index investors.

    Is there a better alternative? Can algorithmic trading really beat the market?

    In this episode of Breakout Trading Answered, Mr. Breakouts compares the return profile of index investing with an algorithmic trading strategy. Which one is better and why? 

    Here’s some other topics we discuss in this episode:

    • How algorithmic trading works and how it differs from investing in an index,
    • The returns and drawdowns of index investing over the last 5 years,
    • Comparing investing in the S&P 500 vs algorithmic trading strategies,
    • Can algorithmic trading beat the market, even with slippages and poor execution,
    • And much more

    Episode Highlights:
    01:03 Investing in the S&P 500
    04:06 Algorithmic Trading
    08:38 Backtesting Algorithmic Trading Strategy
    09:41 Algo trading vs. S&P 500
    11:03 Can Algo trading beat the market
    19:09 Tips and tricks for algo trading

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    Released: May 16, 2023

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