The Trading Panel – Episode 1

Your weekly dose of the markets and all things trading!

Andrew Swanscott
Jason Perz
Kashyap Sriram
Markets & Mayhem
Mike Melissinos
Pavel Kycek

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[00:00] Introduction to The Trading Panel
[00:53] Speaker Introductions
[08:23] Discussion on Trading Strategies and Market Positions
[15:18] The Importance of Backtesting in Trading
[20:06] Diversifying Trading Strategies and Portfolios
[25:07] Handling Market Expectations and Predictions
[28:36] Strategies to Avoid Curve Fitting in Trading
[33:32] Price Agreement and Trading Decisions
[38:31] Combating Curve Fitting with Simple Strategies
[41:07] Fundamental Analysis in Trading Decisions
[43:33] Systematic Trading and the Role of Historical Data
[47:44] Closing Thoughts on Curve Fitting and Trading Strategies
[52:16] Wrapping Up and How to Follow the Speakers

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