BEST TREND INDICATOR #2 (+ free strategy)

It’s official…

Tomas’ new “best trend indicators” video series is a hit.

People love indicators, and in his previous video, he shared his favourite trend indicator that works like magic.

The response has been great, thanks to comments from traders like these:

Today he released his next video in the series, where he reveals his 2nd favourite trend indicator…

It’s a hugely popular indicator used by many traders, but…

they’re probably using it WRONG!

Tomas has a special “Mr Breakouts” twist to show you, that makes the indicator much more effective…

And he proves it, with an example trading strategy that produces results like this:

He even shares the code, so you can “steal” his twist and use it in your own strategies.

Go ahead, he gives you permission! 🙂

Want to know more?

Watch the video and find out his secret twist on this popular trend indicator.

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Released: March 27, 2024

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