The Trading Panel – Episode 6

Your weekly dose of the markets and all things trading!

Andrew Swanscott
Jason Perz
Jeff Hirsch
Jason Shapiro

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00:00 Episode Introduction and Host Welcome
01:44 Discussing Historical Market Trends with Jeff
06:49 Jeff Shares Sector Insights and Trading Ideas
10:08 Where to Find Jeff and His Work
11:04 Shifting Focus to Jason Shapiro’s Trading Insights
19:26 Jason’s Perspective on Market Conditions and Fed Policy
28:02 Discussing Common Trading Mistakes and Learning Processes
36:56 Highlighting the Importance of Risk Management
42:06 Unpacking Trading Industry Myths and Realities
46:11 The Dangers of Following Misleading Trading Gurus
53:43 The Significance of Personal Experience in Trading Success

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