The Trading Panel – Episode 4

Your weekly dose of the markets and all things trading!

Andrew Swanscott
Jason Perz
Mish Schneider
Pavel Kycek

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0:00 – Opening: Welcome and Panel Introduction
1:06 – Mish’s Perspective on Market Prediction
5:02 – Insights from a Floor Trader’s Journey
10:38 – Discussing Price Action and Trading Psychology
13:12 – Crypto Market Trends and Algorithmic Trading
21:16 – Diverse Trading Strategies: Discussion
30:52 – The Shift from Short-term to Long-term Trading
38:37 – Expert Tips on Identifying Market Tops and Bottoms
45:35 – Advice for New System Traders
49:09 – Episode Wrap-Up and Where to Find the Panelists

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