The Trading Panel – Episode 8

Your weekly dose of the markets and all things trading!

Andrew Swanscott
Jason Perz
Pavel Kycek
Tom Basso

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[0:02] Introduction
[1:14] Guest Introduction
[2:24] Discussion on Market Trends and Portfolio Management
[7:13] Importance of Risk Management
[10:12] Psychology and Handling Drawdowns
[15:29] Learning from Market Experiences
[19:34] Matching Personality with Trading Style
[25:06] Becoming a Trend Follower
[29:24] Coping with Market Crises
[35:03] Balancing Life and Trading
[42:20] Brain Processing and Idea Generation
[45:03] Systematic Trading Insights
[53:42] Misconceptions in Chart Patterns
[1:01:43] Wrap-up and Contact Information

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